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Slavyanska Beseda Hotel offers a fantastic location and an ideal accommodation for both business and leisure travelers looking for budget and affordable lodging but who will not sacrifice balanced quality and fair service. Nested in the heart of the financial, business and government Sofia city quarters (Check “Location” tab for more information and how to easily get here). We offer you a fair compromise in terms of value and quality. We focus on what really matters to you: a comfortable, spacious, clean room. Most of the time all you really need from a hotel is a hot shower and a good night’s rest. That’s why, our limited service hotel offer rooms at a very affordable price by getting rid of costly full service extras that you just don’t need and shouldn’t have to pay for. We consider ourselves a smart, low cost travel tool.


History of Slavyanska Beseda Hotel

Built in 1935 the hotel regularly received visits from the Bulgarian and international royalty. After the history, political and social  turmoil that shook all Eastern Europe, the Slavyanska Beseda Hotel returned to its owners in 1992 setting a new beginning.

Sofia City has developed fast and nicely. Its boundaries have now extended significantly.  And in that metamorphosis, the heart and soul of Sofia, Rakvoski St and all the surrounding area of Crystal Park, have become a fuzzy, lively equivalent of “Broadway”.  That is where, for the last 85 years, the Slavyanska Beseda Hotel has been nested, and not only is now a landmark in Sofia, but an undeniable evidence of history’s and its ups and downs.

Been the first real hotel built in Sofia confers the building a special sense of uniqueness and was regarded, at the time, as “avant-garde” architectonic construction that reflected the traces of Bulgaria culture and surroundings.

In the original architectural plans, spaces were distributed to accommodate not only guest rooms and suites but added a Community Center, Convention facilities and restaurants which were center of the city cultural life. Its appearance in 1935 changed the living standards and perception of the local community. It became a “must visit” place for European royalty and celebrities.

In time, it became the headquarter offices of the Slavic Intelligence branch and aided, granting refugee, persecuted Jews. In September 1944 the Slavyanska Beseda Hotel held numerous meetings hosted by several Intelligence and Secret Services of the Balkan countries and many of the guests at that time were Gestapo officers.

The pace of history carried Bulgaria into another chapter under totalitarian regime but the Slavyanska Beseda Hotel remain at the center of the cultural and political life in Sofia. With the change of powers, the People´s Militia moved into the hotel and became its national headquarter offices. The decision was taken by Stanko Todorov who, according to the popular tale, seized a car on the name of the People’s Government and travelled the entire city to finally decide that the Slavyanska Beseda Hotel was the ideal location. In the years of socialism, the hotel is frequented by groups of the USSR, Czechoslovakia and East Germany. In 1992 the hotel was returned to its old owners and started the revival of traditions.